Who We Are

We want to make the web more profitable and visible through WebRankPage. Its an in-page analytics tool which can be used by even the most novice user. You can find what's wrong with your site in a few seconds and what should be done to correct it. WebRankPage also offers social, link as well as security analysis of your site.

We also have several apps on the Google Play Store which make using Android easier with over 2 Million downloads, including system tools like ManageApps, 1-Touch Cleaner, File Explorer, Droid Backup, Droid Info as well as SMS Notifier. We will soon be entering iOS and Windows Phone app development as well.

With the burgeoning smartphone market in the country and increasing number of people with access to internet, they want to find a way to choose what they need without having to see it first. PhoneBunch provides real phone reviews based on actual thorough usage, benchmarks and various tests.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of professionals which design, create, manage and support all our products. Be it in terms of developing quality applications and services, or providing real-time support, our team is always on-hand for users. You can reach us through our connected blogs, email, Facebook, Twitter or even chat.

You can see our design language reflected in our work, and we try to make it better with user feedback. Our primary focus in on user experience as well as making our services more universal so that more users can take advantage of what they offer.

Innovate + Create

We believe that innovation is as important as knowledge, creating new ways to interact with existing technologies and making them more accessible. That's where we get our name, "InkWired".

The world is now more connected than ever, and people are more mobile. Therefore, everyone needs to be a part of this connected ecosystem, that's why we believe in "Connected Innovation", with services that have a high uptime and availability.