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PushAlert – Web Push Notifications for Chrome and Firefox

Get higher conversions with customized segments, A/B Testing and advanced targeting based on location, device, browser and OS.

9th November 2016, Delhi (India): InkWired Technologies Private Limited today announces its new Web Push Notification platform, PushAlert ( with innovative re-targeting tools for webmasters which are easy to setup and use. With our help, you can reach your ideal customers, get better re-engagement, improved sales and new leads.

Push Notifications help you get connected to your subscribers/visitors in real time. You can inform them about abandoned carts, new offers, interesting content even when they are not on your website. You can also reach out to a broader Mobile user base, with whom you can have a more direct relationship. Push Messaging on the web is simple, it works by associating your website with a user’s browser, say Chrome or Firefox, so there is no exchange of any personal information.

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Droid Info – The Complete Android Hardware Information App Now Has Thermal Sensor Support, Export Option

Droid Info: Android Hardware Info App for Android

We have just started rolling out Droid Info v1.1.0 Hardware Information App on the Play Store which brings a lot of improvements from the previous version including a fan request, export data from the app as a report.

There are numerous little things you will see when you use the new Droid Info for Android, including showing dimensions of your phone, its weight, actual display size (supported devices) and USB OTG support. You can now also check the internal temperature of your phone, with the Thermal tab.

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Launching the Material Design makeover of ManageApps (App Manager) v4.0


We have just updated ManageApps to v4.0 which brings in the new Material Design flavor for everyone whether you are running on Jelly Bean or Lollipop. But that’s not all, we have made the app-manager the central console for everything related to apps. There are neat additions here like Apps by Usage which allows you to check apps based on their data usage, storage or battery, helping you identify apps that are eating away at your device and removing them.

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Announcing the launch of Droid Backup, the all-in-one backup app for your Android smartphone


Today we are announcing the launch of Droid Backup, the complete backup app. The app allows you to backup call logs, contacts, messages as well as apps. Everything is saved to your phone’s external storage, so you can easily transfer it to your new phone or use after a reset. Just install Droid Backup to your new phone, it will recognize the saved backups and you can easily restore everything.

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UninstallApps – An easier and more intuitive way to uninstall multiple Android apps, with uninstall history.


We have all been there, uninstalling multiple apps using Android’s default interface can really be a pain. UninstallApps provides you with a way to uninstall apps efficiently, just choose the apps you want to remove and press the uninstall button. You’ll get a prompt to uninstall selected apps. You can also view app details, move it to SD card  and clear cache with notification after it reaches selected limit.

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Droid Hardware Info, for detailed hardware information about your android smartphone now available in the Play Store.


If you want to know about the hardware of your smartphone, Droid Info is the way to go. Using Droid Info you can get device, system, memory, camera, battery and sensor details. You can get every detail about your phone including its chipset, manufacturer, model, build information and Android OS its running.

Droid Info also gives you detailed System information which shows you realtime processor usage and per-core clock frequency, you can also check the CPU governor and kernel information. It also displays information about your phone’s camera including image and video resolutions supported as well as focus and antibanding modes. Battery information is also available which shows current charge level, battery health  and charging status.

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